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Science-Backed Beauty for One and All

Auralix is a skincare technology company based in The Hague, Netherlands. We’re a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and skincare aficionados on a mission to make science-backed skincare accessible to everyone.

Skincare, light years ahead

Backed by over 40 peer-reviewed clinical studies and decades of continuous research, Auralix is the brand most trusted and used by dermatologists worldwide.

With more FDA-approved indications than any other brand, Auralix has now pioneered the use of their gold-standard medical LED technology in convenient at-home devices, paving the way for unlimited, transformative skincare treatments without a clinical visit.

Your results and your happiness is our win.

This is what pushes us to always going a step further, trying a bit harder, making beauty technology better. You won’t find us hiding behind the curtains when it comes to give you the latest technology to make your skin one step brighter.

Your self care upgrade starts here!

Our products are multifunctional and science-backed. The results speak for themselves.

Achieve radiant, glowing skin in a matter of weeks.

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What Is LED Light Therapy?